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A lot of us have probably never been in a pub cellar. When it comes to innovation, we haven’t seen any major changes in the hundreds of years that pubs have existed. SmartDispense® leads the way in changing this and continues to evolve how your favourite pub or bar dispenses their beer and cider.

SmartDispense®, the latest in pub cellar innovation, ensures the beer or cider that reaches your glass is perfectly chilled, resulting in a pint less than three degrees every time. Not only that, but because of the temperature-controlled dispense system, line cleans can be completed less regularly. This means the technology can save a pub with 10 lines up to 1,700 pints of beer and cider, 8,300 pints of water and 5,739 litres of CO2* over a year. Some impressive savings!**

Over 6,000 outlets have made the switch to SmartDispense® so far. Not only are these businesses investing in their pub and your drinking experience, but they are also taking steps towards being more sustainable.


*Represents bottled CO2 used within the beer dispense system
**Source: 2022 Heineken UK data taken from a selection of outlets and is based upon an average within a 10 tap outlet, with standard SmartDispense® system installation, reducing cleaning to every 6 weeks."


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